Hello there!


So happy you have visited. I am an emerging artist from Milwaukee (Wis.) with the vision to create from imagination rather than realistic references.


My pieces are known for bold strokes and strong use of color that brings forth energy and emotion.

It can be said that my paintings are a reflection of how I see the world. At times certain sounds and sights create a feeling of "sensory overload," making my world very loud and bright. 

Love it RAW. 

With an influence in street art, my style has grown to include spray paint. This medium brings rawness and grit. Additional mediums include acrylics, oil sticks and pastels. 


Titles of my pieces reflect humor and oddities that I find in every day life.  


With an artistic background in nautical woodworking, I find beauty within the wood grains. Wood work includes a cedar-strip kayak and a refinished 1956 Chetek run-about boat.



Northern Wisconsin is my second home, where I draw inspiration from inland lakes, nature and wildlife. I grew up with an appreciation and love for art from my artistic mother, Ann Sheahan. It wasn’t until six years ago that I picked up a paint brush.


Reach out by email or phone with any questions you may have.